Department of Art


The department of art, established in 2004, is one of the earliest departments established at the college. In accordance with current design development and the characteristics of this industry, the Department of Art cooperates closely with relevant industries, and is committed to cultivating designers with both practical design ability and humanistic spirit.  In terms of curriculum, it integrates science and technology, techniques and computer technology, implements the "interdisciplinary teaching mode with project-centered, and encourages students to design works in an innovative, collaborative and communicative atmosphere. The department has set up a number of professional studios, workshops and laboratories to support competency-oriented education that combines project-based teaching with formative assessment. The department adheres to the “student-centered” teaching philosophy, focusing on equipping students with international vision, professional and practical competence, communication and cooperation skills, critical thinking and innovation ability.

In recent years, both instructors and students have been actively participating in various competitions and exhibitions and have achieved excellent accomplishments. Since 2019, all teachers have won more than 20 national prizes and 5 provincial prizes in total; and tudents have won more than 30 national prizes and more than 20 provincial prizes. Among them, some students won the national first prize in the 10th National Advertising Art Design Competition for College Students; one teacher had won the “Taishan Literature and Art Award” in Shandong Province, and many teachers won the award of “Outstanding Advisor” for the National Advertising Art Design Competition for College Students.



With years of development, the department of art has gradually formed a professional teaching team with teachers having academic expertise and innovative spirit, More than 25% are teachers with overseas study background, and double-qualified teachers with relevant working experience account for 35%. At the same time, the department is closely collaborating with relevant industries, inviting experts and excellent practitioners in this field to develop courses with the college instructors to promote integrated teaching of "textbook theory and practical experience" so as to create a good atmosphere for mutual enhancement and development. Apart from this, the department has been taking an active part in various competitions and exhibitions. Since 2019, it has won more than 20 national prizes and 5 provincial prizes in total: many teachers have won the award of “Outstanding Advisor” for the National Advertising Art Design Competition for College Students, the “Taishan Literature and Art Award” in Shandong Province, and the 5th Competition for the Basic Skills of Students and Teachers Majoring in Art and Design in Shandong province.



瑞典皇家艺术飞禽走兽老虎机 视觉传达硕士 丰富的行业经验 任职于欧洲4A广告, 服务 IKEA, H&M - 图形艺术家 (Europe) Transcontinental Media Group (US & Canada) 美国跨大陆媒体集团 - 设计总监 Quebecor Media Inc. (Canada)? 加拿大魁北克传媒集团 - 创意总监 Sun Media Corporation & Globe and Mail (Canada)? 加拿大太阳传媒集团 & 加拿大环球邮报 - 设计艺术总监 世界500强美国科勒集团 - 市场/设计/创意总监 (US & China) 香港上市集团敏华控股 (芝华仕)?(China & Hongkong) - 大中国区市场 & 创意总监 中国上市公司顾家家居集团 - 资深品牌营销专家 (China) 亚洲最大数字媒体公司水晶石数字 (China)? - 执行创意总监 ECD? 香港雅兰集团 - 品牌市场中心总经理 (China & Hongkong)

Gabriel Teo


数字媒体制作教授,教职主任 太平洋大学,加利福尼亚 - 美国 文理飞禽走兽老虎机副教授 纽约理工飞禽走兽老虎机(纽约) 中国传媒大学(北京) 视觉效果教授 萨凡纳艺术与设计飞禽走兽老虎机 - 美国,香港 首席和高级合成师 视觉效果总监 WetaFX Productions - 新西兰 胡湖工作室 - 新西兰 迪士尼全球频道 生命之路高级动画飞禽走兽老虎机,新西兰 设计大师 - 3D沉浸式立体技术 奥克兰理工大学 - 新西兰

Christopher J. Florio

伯克利音乐飞禽走兽老虎机学士学位 曾在美国东北大学、中国传媒大学(北京)、纽约理工飞禽走兽老虎机担任全职教授 有丰富的教学经验和从业经历


美国南加州大学艺术设计硕士学位 美国南加州大学计算机科学硕士学位 美国纽约州立石溪大学信息系统学士学位



英国伦敦艺术大学纯艺术专业硕士学位 四川美术飞禽走兽老虎机综合艺术专业学士学位


英国邓迪大学艺术设计飞禽走兽老虎机Graphic Design学士 中国台湾实践大学产品建筑设计硕士 先后任杭州博多集团/宁波博创盛联餐饮集团/广东真明丽集团/ coco都可茶饮等十余品牌设计总监/创意总监


助教 美国旧金山大学动画与视觉特效专业艺术硕士 3年影视特效行业工作经验


美国萨凡纳艺术设计飞禽走兽老虎机文学硕士 西安交通大学艺术学学士 3年4A国际广告公司创意人经验


环境艺术设计系教师 韩国启明大学建筑学专业室内环境设计硕士学位 8年装饰工程施工及设计经验,4年教学经验

Teaching Features

The department adheres  to the competence-oriented education scheme and benchmarks designing development standards in accordance with  the development trend of this industry as well as the competences requirement for the talent. The “project-based interdisciplinary” teaching mode is applied under the framework of the same project, all majors in the department  cooperate to complete the design of each part. Professional instructors with rich teaching experience with advisors’ extracurricular work to form a three-dimensional education system that covers students’ academic development as well as their daily life. The department also focuses on creating a good learning atmosphere. Relying on the professional courses that based on studios as well as professional and cultural lectures, the department aims to provide multiple opportunities for students’ fulfillment of humanistic spirit and their personality development. 

The department of art, has established many teaching internship bases in collaboration with enterprises including, Qingdao Yimu Furniture, Qingdao News, Qingdao Arts and Crafts Association, Qingdao Blue Innovation Company, which serve as the platforms for students to train their abilities and help them to adapt to the workplace environment efficiently. At the same time, the department educates students through the cooperation with high-quality enterprises in this field, aiming to provide platforms and opportunities for students’ future development.


The department is equipped with several professional studios prepared for interior design, landscape design, furniture design, brand design, media, images, and animations, as well as several carpentry laboratories, ceramics laboratories, digital studios, painting studios, model studios, printing studios, etc. With all excellent equipment, students can finish the whole process of production from the design to the final product, which provides great condition for education and research.  

Graduates Development

Currently, art design, the core direction to enhance  the added value of products and the aesthetic popularization, is ushering in  unique opportunities for development, as China is gradually investing more in creative and cultural industries to further cultural innovation and in-depth exploration. The demand for design professionals in various industries provides  good career development opportunities for graduates. Graduates from the department of art can work as designers or work in relevant positions in various design and advertising companies, internet companies or well-known enterprises. They can also seek jobs in education sectors, enterprises, and public institutions, or join the civil service. In addition, they can also choose further education to pursue a master’s degree in professional art colleges at home or abroad.

Some of the representative universities where students pursue their further education:

Sichuan University, Shenzhen University, Yunnan Arts University, Qingdao University, Shandong University of Arts and Design, etc.

Some of the enterprises where students work in after graduation:

Qingdao Yüfeng Hantang Wood Industry Ltd., Decai Decoration Ltd., Gold Mantis Construction Decoration Company Ltd. Qingdao Branch, Qingdao Dongyi Risheng Decoration Company Ltd., etc.