Department of Civil Engineering


The Department of Civil Engineering was established in 2004 and is one of the earliest departments established in the university, mainly covers civil engineering construction, design, cost calculation, and management. Committed to cultivating high-quality application-oriented talents to adapt well to the industrialization, informatization, intelligence, and ecological development of modern engineering, intercourse knowledge, solid professional foundations, and strong practical innovation capabilities to cope with the impact of climate warming, earthquakes, traffic jams, etc. on the sustainable and habitable nvironment.

Guided by social needs, the department seeks development with its own features, adhering to the concept of "cultivating outstanding engineering talents, nurturing superior professional disciplines, attaching importance to the quality of teaching and research, and actively participating in social services", and insisting on the training of high-quality applied talents as the goal. Our department takes the quality of talent training as the core, the construction of faculty team as the foundation, the coordination of major courses as the support. Production, teaching and research are well integrated in our department, with a focus on, "emphasizing practice and promoting innovation", We established a diversified and individualized talent training model through "one lesson, two teachers".

We implement "student-centered", "individualized" and "well-rounded" education while respecting students' individual development needs. We focus on the combination of in-class learning and extracurricular professional association assistance, having students as the main body while rely on student unions and professional societies to carry out a variety of activities. The science and technology and cultural activities on campus are to enhance the comprehensive quality of students in all aspects. Students have won more than 60 awards at or above the provincial level in the National College Student BIM Graduation Design Competition, the National BIM Technology Competition, the National College Student Real Estate Planning Competition, the Shandong University Student Structural Design Competition, and the Shandong University Student Surveying and Mapping Skills Competition.



In recent years, there has been steady improvement in the construction of the department faculty. More than half of the teachers have associate senior titles or above. Among them, there are many high-level talents with British chartered engineers and doctoral degrees, and many teachers have studied overseas. Through school-enterprise cooperation, "bringing in" and "stepping out" for post-secondary training, a stable team of "dual teacher" has gradually formed. Many of the faculty members are nationally registered structural engineers, cost engineers, construction engineers and other professional qualification certificates.

The department provides a development platform for the growth of young teachers through various channels, promotes the growth of key teachers, strengthens the training of teaching ability, and continues to improve the teaching level of teachers. The faculty team has gained 1 first prize, 1 second prize in the Shandong Young Teachers Teaching Competition, 2 faculty members have won a prize for their good performances. They performed well in college-level teaching competitions and received multiple awards for excellence.

Based on its study direction, the department has actively carried out teaching reforms, presided and participated in more than 30 teaching and researching projects, including one at the provincial level, one at ministerial level, and more than ten at the municipal and provincial level. The department has published more than 100 papers and many papers entered core journals. Meanwhile, the department has presided over and participated in more than 20 patent projects.


英国皇家特许工程师(CEng) 英国土木工程师学会会员(MICE) 具有中国大陆与香港,以及英国的大型建设项目的工作经历 曾参与伦敦地铁隧道结构评估项目、香港地铁西港岛线延伸线建设项目、(西营盘-香港大学-坚尼地城标段)、香港地铁南港岛线建设项目(金钟-黄竹坑-海洋公园标段)等工作



英国诺丁汉大学(罗素联盟)建筑学专业博士 英国诺丁汉大学建筑与城市设计专业硕士 清华大学建筑学专业学士 先后任英国诺丁汉大学助理教授/博士生导师、深圳诺丁汉可持续发展研究院总经理、深圳大学副教授/硕士生导师、碧桂园集团未来领航班(主席班)学员&投资拓展部总经理


伯明翰大学高级工程管理专业硕士 中国海洋大学工程管理专业学士


日本筑波大学风险工程(Risk Engineering)专业工学硕士 11年教学经验



中国海洋大学建筑工程学士 曾任山东实地房地产开发有限公司招采总监 青岛世茂投资发展有限公司东海岸片区成本经理 青岛龙湖置业拓展有限公司项目成本经理 青岛习远工程造价咨询有限公司项目经理

Teaching Features

Our department develops in accordance with the development needs of the industry, benchmarks professional quality standards, breaks the barriers of major courses, strengthens curriculum integration, and highlights features. At present, the department has formed a structured talent training system supported by professional leaders, academic tutors, counselors, professional teachers, and professional associations, from in-class to extra-curricular, from professional to ideological, hierarchical, and three-dimensional. We also Implement one-course, dual-teacher system, academic mentor guidance and dual-mentor system for undergraduate graduation design to help students develop their major and career planning.

In-class learning is combined with extracurricular professional association assistance. The department has established structural design innovation associations, BIM innovation associations, engineering cost associations, graphics associations, surveying associations and other professional associations. Based on professional course knowledge, professional association competitions are promoted to deepen students' mastery and application of professional knowledge. At the same time, resources have been integrated and multiple measures have been taken to implement the "one group, one month, one lesson" innovation project that combines civil professional discipline competitions, monthly subject competitions, and innovation and entrepreneurship education courses to guide students to actively participate in competition in combination with their majors so as to enhance the ability of scientific and technological innovation and promote the improvement of their overall quality.

In order to continue to promote the collaborative education of production, education and research, the department has established teaching and employment practice bases with many well-known companies such as China State Construction, China Railway, Qingjian Group, Ronghua Construction Group, etc., forming a long-term cooperative relationship and providing favorable employment for students with the future job support and career development platform.


The department provides students with a number of comprehensive laboratories and training rooms with advanced equipment, covering practical experimental projects such as structure, building materials, geology, geotechnical engineering, surveying, as well as practical training projects such as construction management and engineering cost. The measurement laboratory is equipped with a conventional measuring instrument room and a precision measuring instrument room, equipped with southern total station, automatic Anping level, DS3 micro-tilt level, optical theodolite, GPS receiver and other measuring instruments and equipment; the comprehensive laboratory includes three major sections. The structure laboratory (with structure laboratory and engineering geology laboratory), geotechnical laboratory and building materials laboratory, equipped with 3D printers, static/dynamic resistance strain gauges, standard equal-strength beams, and intelligent electric quadruple straight Precision instruments and equipment such as shears, as well as large-scale equipment such as simply supported steel trusses and self-reactive loading test stands, provide professional development for teachers and students to teach and research.

Graduates Development

At present, urban construction is developing rapidly while the industry is upgrading and transforming. Hence, the demand for engineering and technical talent is on rise, and the employment of students is promising. Most of the graduates work in well-known companies or enter research institutions for further studies. A large number of students have grown into the backbone of many well-known domestic companies.

Representative Graduate School List (Part):

Tongji University, Harbin Institute of Technology, Beijing University of Technology, Ocean University of China, North China Electric Power University.

Graduate Enterprise (Part):

China Construction Fifth Engineering Bureau, China Construction Eighth Engineering Bureau, China Railway Construction Group, Jiangsu Nantong Third Construction Group Co., Ltd., Qingdao Construction Group.